Manufacturing facility


The land on which the facility is located, has an area of ​​1.8 hectares and is located in the Gagarin district of Sevastopol at Fiolentovskoe road, 1 \ 1.    

It is economically active district in the city. The building is located almost directly on the line of city value, which provides the legal access to public transportation. On the contrary there is a construction of a new residential neighborhood "Heraclean" all planned 18 five-storey buildings.
In this part of the Goverment Plan is designed for the manufacturing facility. Playgrounds, driveways and entrances are provided with a hard surface.
Developed a preliminary design.

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Manufacturing facility

Planned place of building project: Sevastopol city

Desirable form of investor:  direct investment

Project readiness to implement:  investment proposal 

Technical data:

purpose of the land industrial
term of rent the land 25 years
total area of the land 1.796 hectares
total space of the building 8600 m
road congestion high level
communication all
documetns preliminary design